Can you drink alcohol with antibiotics?

Many individuals imagine that mixing alcohol and antibiotics will not be protected. Is it harmful? What are the dangers of consuming alcohol whereas taking antibiotics?

Antibiotics are medicine that focus on micro organism to deal with and stop infections. There are various forms of oral antibiotic.

Not all antibiotics work together with alcohol, and medical doctors give completely different suggestions about alcohol relying on the kind of antibiotic.

On this article, we talk about the dangers of blending antibiotics and alcohol. We additionally discover the results of alcohol on the immune system.

Is it protected to combine alcohol and antibiotics?

An individual could expertise digestive issues after they drink alcohol whereas taking antibiotics.

Not all antibiotics work together with alcohol. Relying on the kind of antibiotic somebody is taking, medical doctors could advocate limiting or avoiding alcohol consumption.

Alcohol interacts instantly with some antibiotics and may trigger harmful negative effects or make them much less efficient at eradicating micro organism.

When the physique breaks down alcohol, it additionally produces acetaldehyde, which might trigger nausea. Many individuals expertise abdomen or digestive negative effects when taking antibiotics.

Consuming alcohol whereas taking antibiotics could improve this sense of nausea as a result of mixed negative effects.

Though nausea is a typical aspect impact of each antibiotics and alcohol, not all folks will expertise this when utilizing each on the similar time.

Within the following sections, we talk about the results of alcohol on particular lessons of antibiotics.

The results of blending alcohol and antibiotics

The desk under summarizes the results of consuming whereas taking antibiotics.

Antibiotic classAntibioticOught to I keep away from or restrict alcohol?Impact of blending alcohol and antibiotics
TetracyclinesDoxycyclineKeep away from alcohol throughout remedy.diminished impact of antibiotic
TetracyclinesMinocyclineKeep away from alcohol throughout remedy.liver illness
OxazolidinonesLinezolidKeep away from alcohol throughout remedy.agitation
uncommon sweating
speedy heartbeat
altered psychological standing
speedy respiratory
irregular coronary heart rhythm
elevated blood stress
cardiorespiratory despair
muscle rigidity
muscle spasms
SulfonamidesSulfamethoxazole and trimethoprimRestrict alcohol consumption.folic acid deficiency
Restrict alcohol consumption.disturbances in consideration
reminiscence loss
NitroimidazoleMetronidazoleKeep away from alcohol throughout remedy.
Keep away from for 72 hours after the final dose.
belly cramping
facial flushing


The tetracycline class of antibiotics contains doxycycline and minocycline. This class can deal with a variety of bacterial infections.

Individuals mustn’t drink alcohol whereas taking doxycycline as a result of this will likely scale back the results of the antibiotic. Doxycycline could work together with alcohol. Alcohol quickens the physique’s elimination of the doxycycline and due to this fact makes it much less efficient.

Liver toxicity is a uncommon aspect impact of taking minocycline. Since alcohol may have detrimental results on the liver, folks ought to keep away from mixing alcohol with minocycline.


Linezolid belongs to the oxazolidinone class of antibiotics. Medical doctors use oxazolidinones to deal with belly, pores and skin, lung, and urinary tract infections.

In addition to its antibacterial impact, linezolid reduces the motion of enzymes referred to as monoamine oxidase-A and monoamine oxidase-B. Monoamine oxidases break down tyramine. Tyramine is a substance current in faucet beers and crimson wine, amongst different merchandise.

When folks drink faucet beers and crimson wine with linezolid, the quantity of tyramine within the blood could rise.

Individuals could expertise the next gentle, reasonable, or extreme negative effects after consuming these kinds of alcohol whereas taking oxazolidinones:

uncommon sweating 
speedy heartbeat
altered psychological standing
speedy respiratory 
irregular coronary heart rhythm 
elevated blood stress
cardiorespiratory despair
muscle rigidity
muscle spasms

This isn’t an interplay with alcohol however with a element current in faucet beers and crimson wine.

Individuals ought to keep away from crimson wine and faucet beers when taking linezolid. They need to additionally keep away from different meals that include tyramine, reminiscent of sturdy cheeses and smoked meats.


Physicians prescribe sulfonamide antibiotics to deal with urinary, respiratory, and belly infections. Sulfonamide antibiotics embrace the mixture drug sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim, which healthcare professionals additionally name Septra.

Sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim have an effect on the metabolism of folic acid in micro organism. Trimethoprim can, in uncommon instances, additionally have an effect on the metabolism of folic acid in human cells.

Individuals poor in folic acid could also be liable to additional lowering their folic acid ranges whereas taking sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. Individuals who drink alcohol frequently could have decrease ranges of folic acid and may use sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim with warning.

Though an occasional drink is protected with sulfonamides, healthcare suppliers ought to train warning when prescribing sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim to individuals who drink typically.


In 2018, the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) printed up to date security warnings on all fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

The labels of all fluoroquinolones now spotlight the doable psychological well being negative effects of the drug. These negative effects could embrace:

  • disturbances in consideration
  • disorientation
  • agitation
  • nervousness
  • reminiscence loss
  • confusion

Mixing alcohol with fluoroquinolone antibiotics could improve these psychological well being negative effects.

In uncommon instances, folks could expertise seizures with fluoroquinolone remedy. Individuals with a historical past of seizures are most in danger.

Since alcohol lowers the seizure threshold, medical doctors advise folks with a historical past of seizures to keep away from mixing alcohol and fluoroquinolones.

An occasional drink with fluoroquinolone could be protected, however consuming frequently could trigger central nervous system negative effects.


Metronidazole is a nitroimidazole antibiotic that medical doctors prescribe to deal with belly infections, sexually transmitted infections, and different anaerobic bacteria-related infections.

Metronidazole impacts the perform of a key enzyme that helps the physique digest alcohol. When metronidazole inhibits the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase, the degrees of acetaldehyde accumulate within the blood. This causes the poisonous results of alcohol.

Mixing alcohol with metronidazole could trigger:

  • belly cramping
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • complications
  • facial flushing

Individuals ought to keep away from consuming alcohol throughout remedy and for as much as three days after the final dose.

Regardless of this interplay, not everybody will expertise these reactions when consuming whereas taking metronidazole. A person danger is feasible. Nonetheless, folks ought to keep away from consuming alcohol whereas taking metronidazole.

The impact of alcohol on the immune system

Some scientists have related reasonable alcohol consumption with a decrease danger of an infection.

Some analysis means that reasonable alcohol consumption is linked to a decrease danger of an infection. The Facilities for Illness Management and Safety (CDC) outline reasonable alcohol consumption as:

  • one drink per day for girls
  • two drinks per day for males

The CDC outline binge consuming as consuming 4 drinks for girls and 5 drinks for males on a single event. Heavy consuming is eight or extra drinks for girls and 15 drinks or extra for males per week.

Scientists have linked heavy and binge consuming with an impaired immune system. Individuals with an impaired immune system have a better danger of an infection.